Meet Redoine El Bachiri

Redoine El Bachiri is a great fellow to work with at Minatjä Since June he’s been having an Erasmus internship from his school in France.

From January he will have a permanent employment at the Gothenburg-company. He’s got great thoughts for the company’s future. – I think it will work. We will be a unicorn!

Redoine, or Red that is his nickname at Minatjä, will this January finish his Master thesis in computer science in Strasbourg. He’s very pleased with the culture of the company where he work.

Minatjä provides a good working environment through its office. The company is composed of very motivated and inspiring people. They help us and makes us want to be better. And do better.

And that’s served the other way around. Every day the office gathers and talk about what they worked on the day before and what’s on the agenda for the day.

– I like that. We inform each other and I get to see a piece of what my co-workers do. Then I start working and check with my fellow developers if I can help them with anything.

At this moment Red and his co-developer Simon are working together. Because they’re a team, one’s problem is everybody’s problem. That’s the culture Minatjä wants to bring forward.

An international perspective

Before he came in contact with Minatjä he had never seen or heard the concept of automatic termination that he’s now trying to bring to light.

– I think it’s a very relevant product because people don’t like to talk on the phone and terminate contract. It’s the same in France. It can be annoying! I really believe in the product and I’m happy to contribute to it every day.

From January he will fill a permanent position at Minatjä as a developer. He has made some close friends here in Gothenburg. But the conversation with his mom was tricky. He had to announce that he was going to stay here.

– If she had to take the decision herself, she wouldn’t have taken the job. But then she said “whatever makes you happy makes me happy”.

Minatjä är succéverktyget som hanterar dina abonnemang – snabbt, enkelt och helt automatiskt.