Meet Hongchao Liu

As part of the expansion of Minatjä, we hire new co-workers. Hongchao Liu is one of the new developers that will create great value for you and for the product. He thinks that the problem with subscriptions is something that everybody can relate to.

– Everybody has, at some point in their lives, terminated a subscription. Now we help them doing that, says Hongchao.

A common question we ask ourselves is ”why do we do what we do?”, that way we keep our minds focused on the purpose of Minatjä For Hongchao that was an interesting question that goes along with his way of thinking.

– My leadword is to create value together with my team. We can create value for our customers by empowering them to better manage their services. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve that, and I am very excited for the journey ahead. We can also create value for our suppliers by giving them more visibility. We also enforce competition between them, making them always try to have better deals.

Hongchao has worked at Minatjä for a few weeks and thinks it’s interesting to enter a company at an early stage and being able to implement ideas for the company. That creates a good environment to work and thrive at the office.

– The earlier you get into a product, the more interesting problems you find. We have good developers at Minatjä and we work with very interesting technologies. I haven’t worked with a startup at such early stage before and I like the atmosphere where everybody shares the same sense of purpose and knows that we hold the company’s fate in our own hands.

Marcus Lönnberg, one of the co-founders, met Hongchao at a Scala meetup and they had a conversation about Minatjä Hongchao immediately saw the potential in the startup’s idea.

– Everybody has, at some point in their lives, terminated their subscriptions. Then it’s easy to relate to the problem, you understand the problem. We have a product that can potentially solve this pain point for our customers and be part of their everyday life.

One of the USP – Unique Selling Point – of Minatjä is the ability to terminate subscriptions and make it easy. Hongchao agrees with the USP and think that the product has a great function for the society.

– Yes! For the users it’s the freedom to manage their subscriptions and have the possibility to lower the price for their recurring payments.

Minatjä är succéverktyget som hanterar dina abonnemang – snabbt, enkelt och helt automatiskt.